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Umut Özdemir

Data Engineer & Scientist · Frankfurt am Main, Germany ·

About me

Hey, my name is Umut. I was born in Marktheidenfeld, Germany. I love the Visualization & Analysis of Data and everything about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Since life is more than sitting in front of a Notebook, I do wave- and kitesurfing for relaxation as much as possible. Both sports need me to travel a little bit. For this reason I'm always looking for other relaxing hobbies. Currently I'm Star Glazing with a Skywatcher 150/750 PDS and trying to shoot for the Moon :D - If you have any other suggestions, shout it to me!

About this Blog

This blog was written in Python with the help of Flask, which is a sweet Micro-Webframework. The purpose of this Blog is sharing knowledge, showing what is possible with Python and especially with some libraries like Scikit-Learn (Machine Learning), Bokeh, Tensorflow, Kerras etc. I will focus on creating interactive Visualizations and Predictions. The latter means, to actually deploy trained models and create a frotend-end connection for Users. Whenever you see something I could improve, please let me know!

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